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Demeath (5.14mins 4.9MB) Lose your mind and wonder why it didn't happen sooner.


New Kind of Pain   Everyday, a thousand different varieties for all of us.
2 Face   Ah, the nightmare ex-girlfriend, remember her....?
Death Metal Disco   Come on in, lose your anger, as endorsed by Feliciy Kendal, allegedly.
Affected   Could just as well be called "afflicted".
Spiking the Punch   A cautionary tale of one who fell the wrong side of the money/self respect divide.
Monsieur Du Pree   Please accept my card with my compliments.
Ninja Pop Luv   Forgive and forget? Yeah right.
New Amazing Product   If you like it, put it on.
Burning Train   Get on, try to get off. No worse than British Rail really.

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All tracks Peck/Hodge/Edwin

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